Advanced Dental Technology

Latest Technology in Our Merrifield Office

We use the latest state of art technologies to aid us in providing top quality dental care you deserve.

Digital Radiographs: We utilize digital radiographs to protect you from radiation exposure by as much as 90% vs traditional radiography. We are also able to see with more detail and thus diagnose potential problems more accurately.

Intraoral Cameras: These handheld cameras help us clearly take pictures in very high definition and show you on the monitor the condition of your teeth and gums. You can finally see what we are talking about!

Digital Appointment Confirmation: These days, many people rather communicate via email and text messaging. We have systems in place that allow us to have digital confirmations of your appointments. Do you want a call? No problem, we still do that!

Digital Charts: Our patient management software has a visual component to illustrate your teeth and the recommended treatment plan. Everything is streamlined for you to avoid confusion and very secure!

Digital Impressions: In our dental office we use the latest technologies to make the patient experience as positive as possible.  One particular technology that has made this possible is our intraoral digital scanner.  We use it in procedures like Invisalign and Crown procedures.

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