Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

Did you know that one of the most common dental issues that dentists and oral hygienists address is tooth decay? By restoring the structure of your decayed tooth, cosmetic dentists can improve and enhance your overall dental health, bite strength, as well as your smile. Isn’t that great! You probably know that dental fillings are very popular and have been around for centuries. These nifty and valuable little oral health aids help save countless teeth. A majority of people assume that the only reason to get dental fillings is to occupy the space that remains after drilling a cavity. However, that is not true. While filling a cavity is undoubtedly one of the top reasons for a dental filling, there are many additional reasons dental fillings are valuable.

In the last few decades, more and more dentists and dental health professionals, such as oral hygienists, have been using dental fillings to restore the health as well as the appearance of patients’ teeth.

Here are some reasons you should consider dental fillings.

Dental fillings Help Strengthen Fractured Teeth

You can use dental fillings to repair your fractured tooth, which is great. For example, dentists often use a white composite for this purpose. Teeth can fracture for various reasons. Keep in mind that one or more of your teeth can fracture because of oral trauma or from physical activities, such as sports or a car accident.

A slip and fall, an auto accident or any other kind of contact to the mouth area may also cause a tooth fracture.  And that is not all; your teeth can become fractured when you chew on hard things, such as hard candies or ice. Discuss the benefits of using dental fillings with your dentist for fractured teeth, and you’ll likely be surprised how effective and valuable they are.

Dental fillings Maintain Your Natural Tooth Structure

During your dental filling procedure, your dentist will remove any decayed tissue. This will prevent bacteria from spreading and penetrating the underlying layers of your tooth. Keep in mind that as dental fillings are usually temporary solutions, there is no damage done to the tooth during their application. For example, when your dentist prepares your tooth for a composite resin filling, he or she removes minimal enamel. This allows your tooth to maintain maximum strength and structural integrity.

Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

When compared with other kinds of procedures, dental fillings have fewer instances of tooth sensitivity. And this is because the material, such as resin, helps insulate your teeth from the cold and hot temperatures of the drinks and foods you consume daily.

However, keep in mind that you may experience some mild but temporary tooth sensitivity after the procedure.

Stops the Growth of Cavity

Your dentist will adequately clean out the decayed part of the tooth when you get a filling. They will then pour in the filling material, and this will seal the hole created by the cavity. And this is very beneficial for your teeth.

It protects the sensitive nerve endings in the dentine from being exposed to the severe temperatures of the foods and drinks you consume as well as acids produced by the bacteria in your mouth.

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