4 Signs your Need a Root Canal Treatment

You probably know that there is a regular toothache, and then there is the excruciating type that even makes grown-ups cry. Your gums are swollen and your head pounds, and it is impossible to think about anything but pain relief. Although we know that root canal treatment is an extremely popular way to deal with several dental concerns and issues, how can you tell if your tooth issue actually needs a root canal?

There are sometimes symptoms and signs that you need root canal treatment. Here are four common ones.

1.     Swelling around your Tooth

If you visit a dentist, they will usually see a swollen area in the gum area around your tooth. Note that it usually looks like a pimple. And this indicates that there is an abscess brewing, which is not good for your teeth. Typically, the resulting pus can be under the root and has nowhere to escape but the gumline.

A throbbing pain is common, and the area will hurt to the touch. Although a slew of home remedies, like warm salt water, are excellent for treating simple inflammation, they are useless against infection.

It is best to see your dentist, but if you have to wait, clove oil is most effective for treating tooth and gum pain.

2.     A Cracked or Chipped Tooth

You can chip or crack your tooth in a contact sport, in an accident, or by chewing on something hard. In these cases, bacteria can set in and likely lead to infection and inflammation. Did you know that many cracked and chipped teeth are often the result of some type of trauma, such as an accident while playing sports?

And note that even if you injure your tooth, but it does not crack or chip, the injury can still damage the sensitive nerves of your tooth. These nerves can become inflamed and lead to pain and increased sensitivity, requiring root canal treatment.

3.     Tooth Sensitivity

This is another common sign that you need root canal treatment. If your tooth feels sensitive after the consumption of cold or hot foods or drinks, then you should consider it a red flag. While there are several reasons for tooth sensitivity, keep in mind that it can be a sign of infection.

And your teeth can become more sensitive in case you brush them too hard, or if you often eat plenty of highly acidic and sugary foods.

However, the main distinction is often prolonged sensitivity. If you are feeling that strange sensation after exposure and the sensation lingers, you should get yourself to the dentist.

4.     Severe Toothache

Do not make the mistake of ignoring tooth sensitivity, as it may develop into a toothache. Note that a severe toothache can be a nuisance, and the pain might be constant. Root canal treatment is necessary when your pain level is intolerable.

So, make sure you consult a professional if you are experiencing excruciating tooth pain. A toothache is a common sign of tooth infection that will likely require root canal treatment.


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